Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheap GPS Systems For Popular Brands

There are plenty of GPS units developed by top manufacturers that have been in the industry for years. Many of their latest products are geared towards ordinary drivers and not just frequent travelers alone. Because of the convenience and safety that GPS systems provide to drivers, cheap GPS systems had to be developed as well to convince ordinary drivers to give these devices a spin.

Competition is very heavy now amongst these makers, but that is good news for everyone because all the popular brands have their respective cheap GPS systems. There is no best brand at the moment as some people judge a GPS by its user interface and all of the popular brands have good interfaces for their GPS units in their own unique ways. To ensure that you get any of the cheap GPS systems, refer to the reference below sorted by manufacturer.


Garmin nuvi devices are highly recognized for their friendly user interface and easy setup process. The cheap GPS systems offered by Garmin are the Garmi nuvi 205 series which are a bit dated and the newly introduced 1200 series which has the same features as the 205 series, but are much thinner and do not see a huge price increase. These are the best GPS devices to get for first-time GPS users that want a fast an accurate GPS navigator. They also have loads of points of interests compared to the rest of the brands.


Lowrance devices are also innovating and spending much time making their cheap GPS systems even better drivers and even road warriors. Lowrance GPS units are just as good as their mainstream Lowrance counterparts in terms of features. They perform amazingly well and these devices are easy to start up and a have a simple interface to make route planning easy for beginners whether traveling in a car or on foot.


When it comes to cheap GPS systems manufactured by Magellan, go for the RoadMate series because these devices omit all the bells and whistles found in the Maestro and concentrate on route planning and driving convenience. Many of their budget models have text-to-speech capabilities just like the other brands and have decent performance. Their user interface is also pretty good with the QuickSpell feature that is common amongst their units to assist people in finding their destination faster.

Each manufacturer has cheap GPS systems with different advantages. What they have in common is that they are all inexpensive and easy to use. The final choice should depend on the desired technologies and overall performance.

The accuracy and assistance that a GPS unit can provide to both travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike will ensure individuals that they will never be lost or lose precious time in getting from one point to another. Cheap GPS systems whether for auto, or handheld units for the great outdoors or sports such as golf, or even marine GPS units give you the ability to know your surroundings at all times. Fitness GPS units are also extremely popular for there ability to be able to perform a myriad of tasks for health minded folks and athletes alike. With functions that can measure speed, distance, pace and calories burned for walking or running and much more depending on the model chosen. GPS units are an affordable device that can assist people and travelers in a multitude of amazingly accurate ways.

By David Neargardner